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Over the past few years I have given up everything (and I mean, everything) to dedicate myself to my creativity. With a focus on street art, murals and canvas paintings with occasional sculpture, my process is all about figuring out how to bring each idea to life, instead of sticking with what I know. This means venturing into mediums I’ve never worked with and researching and testing new methods, as well as being open to learning new techniques. In art and life, I’ve found the best way to connect to your true potential is to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

I challenge myself with my art and share this passion by working with teens and adults, to bring strength and inner peace through a combination of mindfulness, creativity and community connection. Regardless of race, gender or background, I hope to push people beyond what they’ve been told they’re capable of and understand happiness is achievable by listening to and being real with yourself, and most importantly, taking positive action.

Through my art I not only bring to life messages from deep within my soul, but also hope to inspire others to follow what is truly within theirs, fearlessly.


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