Madison, WI Graffiti Fest

BBQ Burners was even more incredible than anticipated. With this being the first event of it's kind to sweep the streets of Madison, you'd expect a hiccup or two, but everything flowed smoothly as business owners, street artists, graffiti artists and spectators alike enjoyed the experience. Even the universe lent it's support as the sun made it's only appearance for the duration of the event.

A highlight for me was turning around to see everyone working with the same medium, but all having very different styles of street art and graffiti art. If you think you know graffiti, take a walk along the backside of Momentum Art Tech Madison (the coordinator of the event)- there you'll find about 20 different interpretations of letters with images sprinkled in. But get there fast- the paintings will only be up until late September(2018)! Along Monona Drive, you can see walls showcasing larger pieces, ending at Handel Automotive where my work is nestled in an alleyway with 7 others. Most of these paintings will stay until mid-October(2018). There is something about being outside, painting and sharing your passion with those who might not understand the depth of what can come out of a can. Hoping this event was the first of many, Madison. And thanks to Ironlak spray paint for sponsoring!

Fraboni's Deli - 108 Owen Rd
The Ultimate Veritas Spa and Salon - 5713 Monona Dr
Handel Automotive - 5705 Monona Dr
J&H Auto Supply - 5703 Monona Dr
Rockwell Tatoo - 3920 Monona Dr
Java Cat - 3919 Monona Dr
Exhaust Pros - 3900 Monona Dr
Momentum Art Tech - 195 Cottage Grove Rd / 4505 Monona Dr (CHECK ALLEY ALONG BACK BUILDING!)