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When placed back to back this life-size sculpture stands: W- 10ft (304cm) with wing span / H- 6ft (183cm) wing tip to floor.

Taking over a year to complete, this indoor sculpture is truly a piece of my soul. It represents the necessary balance between night & day / dark & light / ying & yang / black & white; the meaning is unique, yet the same, for each of us. With individually sewn strips of fabric fully covering each, identical detailing is displayed on both the black and white forms. They can be shown in a variety of ways giving a completely different feel and message; whether it’s placing one in the foreground and another in the back as a shadow, facing, or next to each other. The original intent was to be placed back to back with hands touching as one, and opposite wing completing each form, but the varying combinations flowed beautifully with each shoot.

Some of these photos were taken by my talented friend, Joe, who accompanied me on the photography shoots. Check out more of his fabulous work here!

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(video credit goes to Joe!)


Spring Awakening

This fashion sculpture was created for the Milwaukee Art Museum’s 2015 Beauty in Bloom event. It represents the icy winds of winter melting into the vibrant colors of spring.

Created with fabric, wire and other materials, it’s displayed on a mannequin painted in a slight gray tone to symbolize our inner numbness from the hibernation phase, often induced by winter. The “winds” portion is shown as twisting fabric seemingly blowing at the shoulders. The pedestal draped in a green velour creeps up the leg, representing the excitement of spring, as bits of sunshine begin to enliven us. The back skirt swirls into an array of colorful patterns, symbolizing the life and vibrancy of spring.