Remember You Mural - 3 Min. Time Lapse

Video tunes by Paper Wolf:

"Remember You" Spray and acrylic paint on raw canvas 7ft x 5ft (213cm x 152cm)
This piece is about remembering where you've been before this lifetime - understanding the intricate workings of the universal force within.


Barcelona Murals with Audifax Rombillos & Zems - Poblenou, BCN Spain

A quick glimpse into a day of spray painting with Barcelona muralists, Zems & Rombillos. We staked out our spots on Carrer de Agricultura in Poblenou, Barcelona, Spain.. 


Barcelona Murals with Audifax & Arububu - Poblenou, BCN Spain

My friend, long time graffiti girl, Arububu invited me to paint in an abandoned area called “Western Town” behind Poblenou Park in Barcelona, Spain. She said she likes it because “It’s calm and there’s the sun.” She was right about both. It’s a space I never would have found, unless lead there. We took a right past some clothes lines and around a bend into a large open space with crumbling walls and parts of the city as our backdrop, and that's where we started painting our murals.


Audifax on the DJ Bobby Bastos Radio show! 

Through universal alignment, I recently had the honour of being a guest on the DJ Bobby Bastos radio show on Barcelona City FM!  I had a great time talking about this crazy journey I’m on, art, work, life and everything in-between. He is the ONLY drag queen on Barcelona radio and has been wanting a muralist on his show for a while. As I was finishing up photographing my Reflection/Connection mural, he “happened” to walk by and ask if I wanted to be a guest that Sunday. I graciously accepted and accompanied him to Craft Barcelona that evening where I watched him perform his saucy stand-up routine. Kismet, indeed.