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LOCATION: Dane County Juvenile Detention Center - Madison, WI USA

I was invited to paint a mural with teens at the Juvenile Detention Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Most of the youth there are awaiting their court date, so it can be a pretty intense atmosphere, which is why the Making Justice Program started connecting artists with teens to brighten the space. I was the fourth one to paint their walls and wanted to bring something crisp, bold and powerful.

Where this mural sits in the building, being the last and first thing the teens see before and after court, I wanted to bring a peaceful and powerful image -  a reminder to reflect and find peace and clarity within. The central faces are split down the middle and show regardless of who you are (gender, race, background), change and a desire to create a better life for yourself begin with you. First get to know and respect yourself and positivity can be shown to and shared with others. The surrounding mandala image was chosen because of their representation of inner peace throughout the ages. Waves at the center stand for the ripple effect in the power in being authentic with yourself, radiating to those around you. Read more about the meaning of the mural & experience here.

A HUGE thank you to the staff of Dane County Juvenile Detention Center, Jesse Vieau and the staff of Teen Bubbler at the Madison Public Library and their partners for coordinating the Making Justice Program. More cities need to implement community projects like this!



BBQ Burners Festival - Madison, WI / Sponsored by Ironlak & Momentum Art Tech - Spray paint

Vessel: The teaching that our body is sacred reaches beyond sharing intimacy. To care for this body with regular exercise, healthy food and daily focus allows a clear connection to yourself and those around you. This has been a lesson throughout the ages and is becoming overlooked today. When you are functioning in this optimum heightened awareness, you are able to value what surrounds and is inside you and opens your ability to understand and appreciate every day life.

Event: Momentum Art Tech Madcity's first graffiti fest took Madison by storm! Not only was I one of a handful of non-writers amongst 50+ artists, but only one of 3 women. Various businesses along Monona Drive signed up for us to paint their walls, but the work will only be visible through the end of September(18) so make your way there fast. It's worth the drive! Looking forward to next year, guys.



Collaboration with Isaac Herlitzka
Spray paint - Hidden Wall / Madison, WI

Our difficulties can feel as if we are feeding an entity bigger than what is seen. In this position, we must fight to find balance no matter how daunting the situation. 



Spray paint

A practice piece for Madison WI's Graffiti Festival, sponsored by Ironlak / hosted by Momentum Art Tech Madcity. Exploring new techniques!



Spray and acrylic paint on raw canvas 7ft x 5ft (213cm x 152cm)

Remembering those you encountered before this lifetime, and again in this one. Whose presence awakens you to your true nature and the intricate workings of the universal life force within.

(Male counterpart to painting "Remember You")



Spray and acrylic paint on raw canvas 7ft x 5ft (213cm x 152cm)

Remembering where you've been before this lifetime - understanding the intricate workings of the universal force within.

This was my first piece after a long break from large paintings. I couldn't wait any longer, this one needed to be made and it had to be BIG! Every time I closed my eyes and asked for guidance on what I should do, I saw painting in an unheated space outside, where I'm currently staying. "But there is a ton of stuff being stored in there and it's below 0 degree Fahrenheit outside!" I thought. I trusted my vision and soon got to moving the items aside with help, explaining in not so many words "it has to be here, it's what I saw." After getting everything moved and the area surrounded in tarps to keep in as much heat as possible, the temperature leveled at 14F (-10C), but with one small space heater to warm my paints and another next to the canvas for drying, I stuck some foot warmers in my boots and got to work. Only being able to paint an hour at a time, this one took about a week to complete, but I feel it's my best work so far, funny how often struggle yields our finest selves. I felt the passion flow through me for the first time in a while, both the piece and I coming to life in the dead of winter. 



Spray paint
Location: Momentum Art Tech, 195 Cottage Grove Rd., Madison, WI USA

We have come to depend upon the virtual world to give us the validation we feel necessary for self acceptance. Instead of connecting with the physical world and those around us, we tell ourselves we receive the love we need through a "like." Show me who you really are. Show me the incredible piece of nature you witnessed, the thing on your street you love to see every day, your latest breathtaking creation, or the kindness you encountered. Let us see your passion. More importantly, show YOURSELF what makes you feel alive. Then do that self a favor and put down your phone, to really connect with who you are. Take one day to disconnect from your device and connect with what is around you.  When we focus only on the virtual world, without us even noticing, the one that truly supports us begins to crumble. You can change this. Cultivate your self awareness, our existence relies on it. 

HER CALL_Site_Studio.jpg


Spray paint with acrylic details on raw canvas 7ft x 5ft (213cm x 152cm)

Your strength and clarity come from a place beyond the physical. It is there when you call upon it, deriving from a source of mystery and infinite power, guiding you to your true purpose, releasing all that is within. 

Where I belong painting_Cropped.jpg


Spray and acrylic paint on raw canvas 6ft x 5ft (183cm × 152cm)
No matter where we end up, there is a place of mystery deep within us, beckoning us to find ourselves, to connect with where we are from, where we belong. 



Spray and acrylic paint on raw canvas 6ft x 5ft (183cm × 152cm)
That isn't smoke, but rather her essence emanating from within. Both dark and light come forth. Not positive or negative- What is.



Spray paint
Location: Hidden wall- Madison, WI

It begins within.
We must first go to a place of focus, creating self awareness through introspection, in order to achieve pure joy. In this grittiness, we reveal our darkest parts, unearthing the root of our cycles that keep us from living our passion. Fear, anger, dissatisfaction - though uncomfortable, facing this side of us is key in moving forward. Not knowing what is on the other side can be most challenging, but treading in faith knowing the habits of the past have never served you is fuel enough to persevere. Go to your quiet place, check in with what you want from this life and do the dirty work on yourself to get there. Growing can be uncomfortable. Feeling in your heart something beautiful is waiting for you to change, is even worse.



Location: Llacuna, Poblenou, Barcelona - Spain

This was my final piece in Barcelona. It gives me a feeling of exploring and absorbing the world around you, but the best part being, discovering yourself along the way.

Set up on a busy corner, I had all sorts stop by to give me props, which felt great to create something that resonated with such a diverse range of people - age wise and culturally. Unfortunately though, it was left unfinished. Being my final night before flying out, I was nearly done when 3 kids took a paint can and laughed as they defaced my day's work in front of me-  I helplessly watched having to decide between saving the piece or protect my things from being stolen. The most difficult part about it was, not having enough time to fix it AND add details. I did what I could to rework the face, having to walk away as night fell, my last mark on this trip only partway there. 



Location: Can Ricart, "Western Town" Barcelona Spain

I know what this means to me, but will leave it up to you to interpret it for yourself. Located in an abandoned area, this experience was completely different than the first. My new friend, Aru, invited me to paint in a place called “Western Town” behind Poblenou Park,  a space I never would have found unless lead there. The exterior was like the facade of a building that no longer exists (fitting for the name), full of large-scale weathered street art. There seemed to be no entrance to the spot, as we found our way to a small looking alley, opening to an area with an abandoned school. There, we took a right past some clothes lines and around a bend into a large open space with crumbling walls and parts of the city as our backdrop. Watch the video here!