Street Art & Murals

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SOURCE STRENGTH - Low Brow Artique Gallery - Brooklyn, NY

Spray Paint - Free hand solo piece (small faces by another artist)
LOCATION: 143 Central Ave, Brooklyn, New York


Storybridge Building

Spray Paint
LOCATION: 2713 Atwood Ave, Madison, WI

This is a three story mandala I hand designed for the Storybridge building. The mandala itself holds the intention of bringing harmony, with the eyes adding a symbol of peace and reflection.


Tabacalera - Madrid

Spray Paint
Location: Tabacalera Art Center - Madrid, Spain

Painted for the artist community located in the caverns of an abandoned tobacco factory, turned art center. It was a great honour to create a piece in these walls.


DELTA - Momentum Urban Arts Fest

Spray Paint
LOCATION: 5713 Monona Drive, Monona, WI USA

Delta/Change - this was my piece for the Momentum Urban Arts Fest, where over 70 artists participated in painting walls around Monona- this one being on the south wall of Ultimate Veritas Salon Spa. As you can see from the closeups this wall was stucco plaster, making it difficult to paint as the light shifted- as well as filling all of the angles, but it was worth the challenge as it created a painted look. The central image of the woman is inspired from the beautiful work of Spanish photographer, Fares Micue. The bold triangles are the symbol for Delta- which in mathematics / science means change. As we connect to each earthly moment (represented by the leaves), we are given infinite possibilities (the galaxy) dependent upon our choices. Standing in who we are while being open to change provides us the option to create our highest reality.

This festival was an amazing experience, it not only gave me a chance to engage with the community of Monona/Madison, but also meet other artists and witness their talent - and oh did they BRING it! Working at my spot most of the event, I was only able to catch glimpses of them in action, but taking a drive around the city after my piece was complete, I was so inspired by their art, it made me excited to go out and do even better next time I hit a wall. This was an opportunity to really express ourselves with the community and judging by the comments from those young and old, we had a very appreciative audience to share our passion with.



LOCATION: Dane County Juvenile Detention Center - Madison, WI USA

I was invited to paint a mural with teens at the Juvenile Detention Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Most of the youth there are awaiting their court date, so it can be a pretty intense atmosphere, which is why the Making Justice Program started connecting artists with teens to brighten the space. I was the fourth one to paint their walls and wanted to bring something crisp, bold and powerful.

Where this mural sits in the building, being the last and first thing the teens see before and after court, I wanted to bring a peaceful and powerful image -  a reminder to reflect and find peace and clarity within. The central faces are split down the middle and show regardless of who you are (gender, race, background), change and a desire to create a better life for yourself begin with you. First get to know and respect yourself and positivity can be shown to and shared with others. The surrounding mandala image was chosen because of their representation of inner peace throughout the ages. Waves at the center stand for the ripple effect in the power in being authentic with yourself, radiating to those around you. Read more about the meaning of the mural & experience here.

A HUGE thank you to the staff of Dane County Juvenile Detention Center, Jesse Vieau and the staff of Teen Bubbler at the Madison Public Library and their partners for coordinating the Making Justice Program. More cities need to implement community projects like this!



Spray & Exterior Wall Paint
LOCATION: Chilton, WI (Auto Source, Hwy 151)

“Be Anything” - The image shows a face split in two- one half being your average reader and the other a fantastical character accessed through the book she is reading. The meaning is: “Through books, movies and events from our local library, we are able to experience a different story and have aspects of our own lives reflected back to us. We can enter into the life of another in a way surpassing our own limits, connecting with their inner strength to discover our own, as well as seeing parts of our lives that may need attention & growth.”

This mural was made for the Chiltion Public Library’s summer reading program- intended to not only spark wonder in those passing by, but also bring the community together by inviting teens from any town to assist in it’s creation. This mission was certainly a success with teens arriving daily eager to help, as well as receiving an overwhelming response from people who stopped consistently to tell us we were doing a great job, give us snacks, or just to say “thank you.”

I created the design to allow teens to choose something simple, or more complex based on their skill level, and encourage them to try pieces they felt were more difficult to get them out of their comfort zone, with the reassurance that “you can always paint over it.” Thank you Chilton, Kathy Schmitzer and the team of Auto Source, Teens who helped in the creation, and of course Chllton Public Library for working with me on this project. It shows me how much art is needed in our communities.


Meeting of Styles - Madrid

Spray Paint
Location: Madrid, Spain

This piece was for Meeting of Styles graffiti festival in Madrid, Spain. An incredible experience alongside many amazing artists. More pics and video of the fest coming soon!



Branding & Wall Design - Port Washington, WI
Spray paint & Wall paint

If walls could talk they’d say “wow that’s a lot of tape!” The branding was made with spray paint as well as the yellow fading highlights, the rest - wall paint. This was a very precise and challenging project, which I loved! It turned out great! As soon as they are open for business and I can get there to take pics, I’ll share images of the completed space.



Spray Paint
Location: Drassanes, Barcelona, Spain

Free-hand solo piece during a heat warning. I was moving very slowly and thought I should stop a few times, but kept on going. It took me a bit longer and my details suffered a bit, but I like it. =)



Spray Paint
Location: Drassanes, Barcelona, Spain

Free-hand solo piece. Ancient Egypt held a great respect for a higher learning-where mathematics, art, music, science and spirituality were of equal importance. Their goal in life was to have a heart as light as a feather- this allowed the passage into the afterlife. Imagine if we still held that goal, of basing our lives on joy, love & inner peace. No wonder their structures were other worldly, with an entire culture having focus and expression coming from within. (Referring to the original dynasties prior to corruption ;)



Spray Paint
Location: Drassanes, Barcelona, Spain

Afternoon solo free-hand piece using all the paints in my bag. I wasn’t sure what to do with the background, so I created a psychedelic 60s Spanish look (porque estoy aqui!). Silence is golden- meaning, if we are quiet with ourselves allowing our mind to be at peace (meditation ;), we can discover the true desires & compassion within our hearts.



Spray Paint
Location: Agricultura, Barcelona, Spain

After choosing a spot in the sun so my pics would be without shadows, two hours later I regretted that decision. It was fun to create a background that was free and abstract while I had energy- next time more shading and deeper tones. This painting is a reflection of not knowing what will transpire and understanding that sometimes an opening can appear as a door. Meaning- what we view as roadblocks, can sometimes be the very opportunity we needed as the key in moving forward.

Audifax_streetart_street art barcelona.jpg


Spray Paint
Location: Mas Guinardó, Carrer de Feliu, Barcelona, Spain

Super quick afternoon free-hand piece with my good friend Bubu. I painted the face and she painted the colorful mandala image. My first one back on the streets of Spain!



LOCATION: J&H Auto Madison, WI USA
Spray Paint

This was a quick free-hand wall before I head to Spain. Totally free handed and all done with cans of spray paint. My friend Isaac Herlitzka stopped by and painted the white waves- the rest was created by me. It represents our inner focus becoming our actions, which transform and shape what is around us, causing waves, causing growth (represented by flowers). It was a very rough wall (as you can see in the closeup) so much of the detail had to be compromised, leaving it simple and bold.



BBQ Burners Festival - Madison, WI / Sponsored by Ironlak & Momentum Art Tech - Spray paint (Free-hand)

Vessel: The teaching that our body is sacred reaches beyond sharing intimacy. To care for this body with regular exercise, healthy food and daily focus allows a clear connection to yourself and those around you. This has been a lesson throughout the ages and is becoming overlooked today. When you are functioning in this optimum heightened awareness, you are able to value what surrounds and is inside you and opens your ability to understand and appreciate every day life.

Event: Momentum Art Tech Madcity's first graffiti fest took Madison by storm! Not only was I one of a handful of non-writers amongst 50+ artists, but only one of 3 women. Various businesses along Monona Drive signed up for us to paint their walls, but the work will only be visible through the end of September(18) so make your way there fast. It's worth the drive! Looking forward to next year, guys.



Collaboration with Isaac Herlitzka
Spray paint - Free-hand - Hidden Wall / Madison, WI

Our difficulties can feel as if we are feeding an entity bigger than what is seen. In this position, we must fight to find balance no matter how daunting the situation. 



Spray paint - Free-hand

Location: Llacuna, Poblenou, Barcelona - Spain

This was my final piece in Barcelona. It gives me a feeling of exploring and absorbing the world around you, but the best part being, discovering yourself along the way.

Set up on a busy corner, I had all sorts stop by to give me props, which felt great to create something that resonated with such a diverse range of people - age wise and culturally. Unfortunately though, it was left unfinished. Being my final night before flying out, I was nearly done when 3 kids took a paint can and laughed as they defaced my day's work in front of me-  I helplessly watched having to decide between saving the piece or protect my things from being stolen. The most difficult part about it was, not having enough time to fix it AND add details. I did what I could to rework the face, having to walk away as night fell, my last mark on this trip only partway there.